Extreme Obese Women Serious Health Dangers

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By , September 28, 2021 9:22 pm

Extreme obese women are putting their health and their lives at risk by remaining heavy. While obesity affects both sexes and can ruin the health of men and women, extreme obese women face some special health challenges that men don’t have to worry about.

One condition that only extreme obese women will face because it’s related to their reproductive system is PCOS. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can occur in any woman, overweight or not, but it’s much more common among overweight and obese women.

It can even occur in young girls who are just entering puberty, but generally doesn’t unless they’re overweight. When it occurs very young, serious reproductive problems can result.

PCOS is a condition that can go hand in hand with insulin resistance. When a person is overweight and/or eating a diet rich in simple carbs that are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, insulin resistance can occur pretty easily.

This is when the body’s insulin production is no longer enough to remove the blood sugar from the blood stream. The body has become insulin resistant because of the large amounts that have been released by necessity over a period of time.

While a person can be insulin resistant and not have PCOS, if a person develops the condition it’s generally because they’re insulin resistant and essentially pre-diabetic. PCOS causes small cysts to grow on the ovaries. While the cysts themselves aren’t harmful, they cause hormone imbalances that lead to other problems.

A hallmark of PCOS is elevated testosterone levels. This male hormone in too high levels in females like extreme obese women can cause things like facial hair growth, excessive hair growth in places like the face, stomach and back, and problems with the reproductive cycle.

When too much testosterone is present in a woman’s body, menstrual periods can be delayed, irregular and either very light or very heavy. In some cases, periods can stop altogether. PCOS can affect the reproductive cycle so much that it can be difficult or impossible for a woman to get pregnant.

PCOS causes weight gain, and can make it very difficult for extreme obese women or any women to lose weight. Acne flare-ups are often a sign of PCOS too, because high levels of testosterone are linked with acne break outs.

Another symptom of PCOS is depression. While being obese can also contribute to depression, the hormone changes and fluctuations caused by PCOS can directly contribute to feelings of sadness and depression, too.

While doctors say that PCOS can’t be prevented, eating healthy, getting regular exercise and not smoking are the recommended treatments for the condition. So it stands to reason that if you practice these things already, even if you’re pre-disposed to developing the condition you may never suffer symptoms of the disease.

PCOS can strike any girl, even teenagers, but those who eat poor diets, don’t exercise, and smoke are at a greater risk. For extreme obese women, it’s almost not a matter of whether or not they’ll get PCOS, but when.

Guidelines To Help You Choosing A Weight Loss Program

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By , September 25, 2021 3:31 pm

A great concern that faces many Americans face today is weight loss. It does not take a lot of work to gain the weight but it takes a lot of work to lose. If you are one of those Americans you are well aware of the various weight loss programs that are available on the market today. You need to choose a program that works for you to be sure that your weight loss is permanent. Also you will need to be sure that you maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise which is a great key to losing weight.

Before you begin any weight loss program you need to be sure to check with your regular doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to lose weight. They will generally be able to give you advice on how you can cut down on your calories, eating a balanced diet, and how to remain physically active as well. Your weight depends on a variety of different factors including your food intake, your age and overall general health, and your genetic makeup among others.

When you are ready to begin your weight loss program you will need to be aware of what types of food you can eat, how many calories you can take in each day, and how much physical activity that you will need to do. You should not choose any program that does not offer a change in your overall eating habits or provide a list of physical activity for you to do because these are the ones that are not after you losing weight instead they after your money.

You should be aware that the Dietary Guidelines for America includes such things as five servings’ fruits and vegetables, eating plenty of grains, lean meat and low fat dairy products. If you begin to follow these guidelines you will be well on your way to a healthy diet and weight loss.

There is also certain information that you will need about weight loss programs in general.
* You need to make sure that the staff is well trained and have the proper credentials
* If there is information included in the risks of using some of the products and services of the program in general.
* The overall cost of the program
* How many people have completed the program
* How much is the average weight lost for the company
* Were these people successful at keeping the weight off

You need to also be able to change your overall lifestyle and find those factors that contributed to your weight gain originally and incorporate changes to those factors to improve your overall success. You will also need to be aware of the risks that are involved with weight loss. Following all of these guidelines will help you have a successful weight loss program.

Gout Diet May Help You Lose Weight

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By , September 22, 2021 10:47 am

Gout, while not deadly, is a very painful condition. If it is left untreated it can cause serious tissue damage. Gout is a form of arthritis. The cause of gout is buildup of small crystals in your joints. These crystals are comprised of uric acid.

When there is a buildup of these uric acid crystals, there can be intense pain, swelling, inflammation, and redness. Usually the kidneys regulate the levels of uric acid in our bodies. When the kidneys fail to regulate the uric acid, is when gout can strike. The kidneys may not properly regulate the uric acid for any one of the following reasons: Trouble with kidneys, change in types of foods consumed, change in weight, illness, certain medications being taken, etc… The excess uric acid can be linked to something called purines. Purines are found in certain types of foods that we consume. Some foods have higher levels of purines than others. Since the food containing purines causes the excess uric acid, one way which gout can be controlled is by going on a gout diet.

There has been much research done in this field. If you are prone to getting gout, then you should avoid the foods which contain high and significant amounts of purines. Foods high in proteins have also been linked to gout. In fact, it has been found that people who eat a lot of meat and/or seafood are at a greater risk of getting gout.

If you have gout, these are the foods that you should avoid while on a gout diet: Herring, mussels, smelt, sweetbreads, anchovies, mutton, veal, bacon, liver, salmon, turkey, pâté, goose, haddock, pheasant, and scallops. You should also avoid foods, like bread, that contain yeast.

You should also steer clear of beer, since yeast is used in making it. You should also not drink alcohol while on a gout diet either. Also, you should try to avoid foods and drinks that contain high fructose corn syrup, including soft drinks. Diet soft drinks should be okay to drink; just make sure you read the label.

When on a gout diet you should try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also eat whole grains. Protein consumption should be limited to 15% of your daily diet. You should only eat lean protein. This would include skinless chicken and turkey.

You should try to avoid red meat. While on a gout diet, you also want to limit your fat intake. Fats should not exceed 30% of your daily calories. Only 10% of your calories should come from animal fat.

By watching what you eat while on a gout diet, you should be able to prevent an outbreak. It is always important to seek medical advice and diagnosis if you believe you have gout. Your doctor will also probably prescribe medication to help control gout, if you have it. As you can see just being on a gout diet you may lose weight.

Exercise Lose Weight And Feel Great

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By , September 19, 2021 5:38 am

Many people are looking for a way to exercise, lose weight and feel great, but find it difficult to fit a good routine in their schedule. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that you get all of your exercise into your day with very little disruption.

The first thing that you should realize is that losing weight will require you to do some exercise. It is possible to lose weight without exercise, but your calorie counts will be so low that it will be difficult to maintain. This is the reason that many people fail when they don’t include exercise. Lose weight in a much more reasonable manner with the combination of both diet and exercise and you will feel great and find that your new healthy lifestyle is much easier to maintain.

Start off your exercise routine with a few simple steps that will put you on the right track to developing your own exercise routine. You can start with something as simple as a walk in the morning to charge up your batteries for the day. It is amazing how great you will feel for the rest of the day when you start off with a blood pumping walk in the morning. Getting up a half hour earlier in the morning is all it takes to add this exercise routine to your schedule.

To increase your daily exercise, lose weight efforts and feel even better, you could try some weight bearing exercise. An exercise that uses weight will increase your metabolism and further your goals of losing weight. Long after you put the weights down, your body will continue to burn calories and help you to lose weight. Weight bearing exercise, lose weight and redefine your body at the same time. Consider adding thirty minutes every other day during the week to increase your exercise efforts. Skip one television program and you will find the time in your schedule.

Small steps in your daily routine will increase the amount of activity that you have during a day. Things such as parking further away from the door at work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and short walks during your lunch break; can all add up during the week to increase the amount of calories burned, so that you will lose weight.

When you increase the amount of calories burned during the day, you will be able to eat more in your healthy diet and still lose weight. Calorie counting and weight loss is a simple matter of arithmetic. Simply burning more calories than you take in will cause your body to lose weight.

Remember that the quality of your calories counts as well. Eat fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and a healthy amount of fat and you will be on your way to a well balanced diet. Remember the key to success is exercise, lose weight and feel great for a long and healthy life. It’s simple if you take a little bit of time to find those areas in your life that could use a little change.

Fast Weight Loss Is Possible But Dont Overdo It

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By , September 16, 2021 1:13 am

If you want to achieve fast weight loss, one of the best methods is to go on a detox. It is best to pick a time when you are not busy with work or a home situation as you are unlikely to feel great in the first couple of days. Your body will be releasing the build up of toxins and headaches with nausea are not uncommon.

So how does a detox diet work? The principle is that we consume a lot of toxins daily either via our food or our environment. Our liver has to work very hard to eliminate these toxins and failure to do so will lead to weight gain.

When you are on a detox diet you are severely limited in what you can eat. Your main diet will consist of fruit and vegetables. You will also be allowed to eat brown rice, lentils, unsalted nuts and other grains such as quinoa. You should drink only water or lemon juice but are allowed limited quantities of unsweetened fruit juices.

People who go on a detox diet usually report that in addition to losing weight, they get clearer skin and have more energy. Detox diets are not suitable for those with a medical condition unless advised by a doctor and pregnant woman should avoid them. Some people experience quite unpleasant side effect at first. Supporters of the detox plan will say this is because their bodies were really toxic.

If you cannot stomach a detox plan you can also try a juice diet for fast weight loss. As the name suggests, you do not eat any whole foods but rely solely on vegetable and fruit juices. You should purchase a juicer as otherwise the cost of obtaining these freshly prepared drinks can be prohibitive. A juice diet is a short term solution but over the long term could cause tooth decay and other health problems.

You can lose weight by following a sensible eating plan. Keep a food diary and see where the extra calories are sneaking into your diet. Then eliminate these foods. You will be surprised at how much progress you can make once you start. Exercise should be part of any weight loss plan. Not only will it help you tone up but you will feel much better. Exercising helps to increase your energy levels and is a great stress reducer. But most people fail to put a new exercise program in place as they aim too high. Try a little exercise every day rather than promising to become a gym fanatic.

Try eliminating certain foods from your diet to see if they are causing bloating. Stomach bloating can cause you to look much fatter than you actually are. Foods that often cause problems include wheat and dairy. If you do plan on eliminating dairy from your diet, make sure that you increase your intake of calcium from other sources.

Fast weight loss can be achieved but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your overall health.

Ki sa ki web hosting

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By , September 15, 2021 6:12 pm

Ki sa ki web hosting?
Web hosting se yon sèvis ki pèmèt òganizasyon ak moun posede yon sit entènèt oswa paj entènèt sou entènèt la. Yon lame entènèt, oswa founisè sèvis hosting, se yon konpayi ki bay teknoloji ak sèvis ki nesesè pou posede yon sit entènèt oswa yon paj entènèt sou entènèt la. Sit wèb yo mete oswa estoke sou òdinatè espesyal ki rele serveurs.

Lè itilizatè entènèt vle wè sit entènèt ou an, tout sa yo bezwen fè se tape adrès sit entènèt ou an nan navigatè yo. Lè sa a, òdinatè yo pral konekte nan sèvè ou ak paj entènèt ou yo pral montre yo nan navigatè a.

Pifò konpayi hosting entènèt mande pou ou gen pwòp domèn ou (www.example.com) yo nan lòd yo dwe kliyan yo. Si ou pa gen yon domèn, konpayi hosting entènèt pral ede w achte yon sèl.



Karakteristik debaz yo nan plan an hosting gen ladan yo:



espas ki gen kapasite
Tout kont entènèt hosting ofri yon sèten kantite espas ki gen kapasite ke ou ka itilize nan magazen dosye entènèt ou an. Li se yon bon lide yo gen yon estimasyon sou sa ou bezwen pou travay diferan – konbyen espas ou bezwen pou Imèl, dosye entènèt, baz done, elatriye Pa kraze l ‘ou, ou ka pi byen estime konbyen espas ou ta dwe bezwen.



Pleasant oswa transfè done
Gen tout pouvwa a entènèt souvan pale sou Pleasant ak transfè done kòm yon sèl bagay. Sepandan, yo aktyèlman diferan.

Pleasant se kantite lajan an nan done ki ka transfere nan yon sèl fwa.
Transfè done se kantite lajan aktyèl la nan done transfere.
Mwen panse ke li nan fason sa. Si Pleasant la se yon tinèl, pi gwo a tinèl la, machin yo plis ka pase nan li. Transfè done a pral Lè sa a, ki kantite machin pèmèt yo pase nan tinèl la nan yon peryòd de tan bay yo, di yon mwa.

Plis mwens ou genyen, se pi dousman sit entènèt ou an ap chaje, kèlkeswa kalite koneksyon vizitè a. Vizitè yo ap oblije rete tann tou pa yo. Done yo mwens ou gen transfere, plis la ou pral jwenn sit entènèt ou a disponib paske ou te rive nan kantite maksimòm done yo pèmèt yo transfere.

Pou detèmine kisa ki sifi, ou dwe pran an kont gwosè sit entènèt ou an ak kantite vizitè ou genyen nan yon mwa.



Imèl kont
Imèl kont yo se yon karakteristik popilè nan hosting entènèt,. Gen de kalite prensipal nan kont imel: POP3 ak transfert.

Kont POP3 yo se bwat resepsyon tradisyonèl yo. Ou gen espas sou sèvè a nan magazen Imèl ou, ak nan menm tan an, ou ka itilize yon pwogram imel yo asosye li ak lapòs ou.

Transfere kont lapòs itil si ou itilize sèvis yon lòt konpayi pou filtre imèl ou yo. Olye pou yo estoke Imèl ou sou sèvè lapòs ou, Imèl yo voye nan yon lòt adrès imel.



Aksè ftp
Apre kreye paj entènèt ou sou òdinatè ou, ou bezwen transfere dosye sa yo nan sèvè entènèt ou an. Dosye yo transfere nan sèvè a lè l sèvi avèk ftp.

Ftp se tou pwotokòl la pou telechaje dosye entènèt ou soti nan sèvè a nan òdinatè w lan, sa vle di. Sovgad dosye sit entènèt ou an.



pawòl Bondye a pou hosting entènèt nan arab:  افضل شركة استضافة مواقع في السعودية

Getting to Know Weight Loss Surgery

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By , September 12, 2021 7:42 pm

Shedding extra pounds and losing unwanted fat have been, for many years now, the dilemma of many people. And this is not just a problem in the United States but all over the world as well. This is not surprising as many of us mostly indulge in unhealthy diet; eating fake carbs, fast foods, and caffeinated beverages.

With this kind of problem at hand, we try to seek for answers that will satisfy our needs. Hence, many people try different weight loss programs, weight loss medications and have visited many weight loss clinics. However, not all of these losing weight methods can be effective and give better results to us. It is still a case to case basis.

Now, because some are not satisfied with the mentioned weight loss procedures, weight loss experts have strived to give people the best answer. Hence, weight loss surgery has been introduced. And did you know that this weight loss method has become a booming industry. With all those people who are tired of trying different weight loss pills and diet systems, many have resorted to surgery. But, before you even try consulting a surgeon about weight loss using surgical procedures, it is better to get to know weight loss surgery first.

The Benefits of Surgery for Weight Loss

Although there have been some reports of the bad sides of weight loss surgery, it also has several benefits.

Here they are;
• Promote better health

– yes, this weight loss procedure can give you a healthier body with continued weight loss. Diseases like diabetes, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, and high blood pressures can also be prevented.

• Psychological

– aside from health-related benefits, undergoing surgery can also bring good results in relation to a person’s psychological nature. You see, if you are slim and sexy, you will have high self-esteem and you can be confident all the time.

• Keeping Yourself Fit

– with surgery, you’ll be thought on how to control weight gain all by yourself. You will learn how to be contented and be satisfied even with just a small amount of food.

Risks Posed by Weight Loss Surgery

If there are benefits to this weight loss procedure, there are also risks. Well, all kinds of surgery have one or more risks, right? And this is not an exemption. Among the most serious threat brought by surgery are blood clot, failure of a body organ, infection, hemorrhage or even death. Now, the technique used in weight loss surgery known as laparoscopic technique rarely cause death to patients so no need to worry that much.

The following are among the problems that you can expect during and after the surgery:

• Problems with the adjustable gastric band such as prolapsed and erosion • Complications after a gastric bypass operation such as hemorrhage, obstructions in the intestines, internal hernias, marginal ulcers, etc.

• Complications after a biliopancreatic diversion surgery.

• Risks of failing to get the expected weight loss results as well as weight regain after the surgery.

You have to keep in mind that weight loss surgery has potential risks. It is up to you to brave these risks and go on with the procedures. The important thing is that you look for a reputable clinic. You can ask out some known clients that the clinic have regarding the kind of services that it has. Try to find out about the success rate of the clinic when it comes to surgical procedures. It is also a must that you check for the background of the surgeon who will perform your weight loss surgery. Better yet, gather as many information as you can on their surgeons and choose who you think is the best among them.

Free Calorie Counters Available Online

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By , September 9, 2021 2:35 pm

There are a number of free calorie counters available on the internet. These programs allow you to select a specific food and it will tell you how many calories are in one serving. It will also tell you what the recommended serving size is. If you are on a diet, you owe it to yourself to check out the free calorie counters out there.

What should you look for in a calorie counter and how will you know when you have found a good one? This article looks at the basic components of free calorie counters and shows you some of the sophisticated options out there.

Free calorie counters should include basic groceries. An apple is an apple is an apple, no matter how you slice it. Included in this category is dairy, eggs, fruit, meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetables.

But, so much of what we eat today is processed food. So, a good program will also include various branded foods. For instance, you should be able to find out that one serving of Jif Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter equals 2 tablespoons and has 190 calories in it. Additionally, you might find that 16 percent of the food comes from protein, 71 percent from fat, and 14 from carbs. It has 2 grams of fiber.

Sophisticated free calorie counters also include sections for popular recipes. You might learn that the popular Indian dish Chicken Tikka has 232 calories.

Additionally, many free calorie counters include the foods from popular restaurants and fast food outlets. You might be surprised at just how many calories some of your favorite restaurant foods have in them. And, you should take note that most of the time you will consume fewer calories if you go to a hamburger shop than a sit down restaurant.

The calorie counters depend on your ability to judge a serving. Too many times what we judge to be enough for a meal is really multiple servings. To help you with this, the free calorie counters divide foods into their standard suggested serving sizes and tell you what the weight in grams for that amount is.

While most programs simply list the calories in foods, some free calorie counters have a companion program that shows you just how many calories you’ve burned by doing specific activities.

Everyone knows that the way you lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume in a given period. To lose 1 pound, you must burn 3500 extra calories than you eat. These calories burned calculators help you determine just how much you can eat based on how much activity you have in a specific day.

Further, if you have an extra cookie at lunch, you will know how many extra minutes you have to hit on the treadmill after work with these programs.

If you are trying to lose weight, search out the internet for one of the free calorie counters. You will gain a lot of insight into your diet when you do.

Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly And Easily

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By , September 6, 2021 10:11 am

Losing weight is not all about the food you eat. You also need to undertake exercises to lose weight quickly and easily. Why?
Exercise helps you to burn calories and raises your metabolism rate. It also makes us feel good although perhaps not at the start of an exercise program. Most people find that whilst they feel that they have done a lot during the day, they haven’t actually been physically active. Driving your kids from one location to another is not the same as going swimming or running. On short trips, try walking instead of driving. It is much healthier for you, for your kids and for the environment.

One of the best types of exercise for losing weight quickly and easily is walking but you need to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. Don’t worry; you don’t need to walk all these steps in one go. You can do them over the whole day. Invest in a pedometer rather than trying to guess whether you are achieving this milestone. Walking also helps to prevent or reduce health problems by reducing your cholesterol levels.

To get more exercise in your life, pick something you enjoy doing or always wanted to do and sign up for a class. Forget about picking an exercise that will lose the most weight. You are more likely to succeed if you enjoy what you are doing. Try and rope a friend into coming with you as you are less likely to back out on the class.

Aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming and jogging is the most important type of exercise for your health but resistance training is excellent for toning and shaping your body. So why not try to combine a mixture of both into your life. You could go swimming or jogging or walking for twenty minutes every day and then two or three times a week do some resistance training.

You don’t need to join a gym. You can work out at home using bags of sugar or water bottles as weights. There are some great DVD’s on the market that will help to inspire and motivate you as well as teach you the correct techniques. Always take care to follow the warm up and cool down guidelines as you do not want to incur any injuries.

If you don’t fancy embarking on your own home program, find an exercise class or coach at a health centre near you. Exercise classes are a great way to meet likeminded people and open up a whole new social life other than drinking and eating out.

An exercise coach is an expert who can give you advice on the best routines but also on your diet and other lifestyle issues. A holistic approach works best when trying to lose weight as exercise on its own won’t work if you are still overeating or eating the wrong food types.

There is no doubt that exercises to lose weight quickly, will help you achieve your slim new figure.

Get Ready For The Big Event-Lose Pounds In A Week

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By , September 3, 2021 4:45 am

Do you want to lose pounds in a week? There are several fad diets that will allow you to take off 10 pounds in just 7 to 10 days. Be aware, however that this weight loss does not translate to a long-term slimmer you as much of what you lose is water weight. However, if you have a big event coming up shortly, you may just want to lose pounds in a week.

Michelle had known that her 10th high school reunion was coming up for months. She had promised herself that she would get back down to her high school weight. But, as a busy mom and part time office administrator, she never made it to the gym. With her reunion only 2 weeks away, she turned to the cabbage soup diet to lose pounds in a week.

The cabbage soup diet is a popular program where you eat as much of the special soup as you want for 7 days. Every day, you are given special foods that you can eat in addition to the soup. For instance, one day you get all the vegetables you want plus one large baked potato with butter. Another day, you can have up to 8 bananas and 8 glasses of skim milk.

The cabbage soup diet is an excellent way to lose pounds in a week, but it should not be used for more than 7 days as it is not nutritionally balanced. In addition, one of the reasons it works is because it is a very low calorie semi-fast. On average, people on the diet eat only 800 calories a day.

Tawnie’s husband was coming home from Iraq after an 11 month deployment. During that time, she had often turned to food for comfort. She had put on about 15 pounds and didn’t want Jim to come home to a “fat wife.” Tawnie turned to the grapefruit diet to lose pounds in a week.

On the grapefruit diet, she ate a half grapefruit or 8 ounces of grapefruit juice at each meal. But, the other foods she ate had extremely limited carbs. For instance, breakfast consisted of two eggs and two bacon strips in addition to the grapefruit. Lunch was salad greens with unlimited meat and olive oil based salad dressing. Dinner was Meat or fish, and red or green leafy vegetables in addition to the salad. She had the grapefruit at lunch and dinner as well. Right before bedtime, she drank an 8 ounce glass of water.

Like the Cabbage Soup diet, the Grapefruit diet has very few calories. Most people eat about 1000 calories a day on the diet. There are no scientific studies that show that Grapefruit has any “magical” effect on weight loss or fat burning. But this low calorie low carb diet works for many, including Tawnie.

Tawnie was so excited to be able to meet Jim at the tarmac a slimmer person as a result of her effort to lose pounds in a week.

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